Faculty Council

Minutes and Agendas

General Faculty Meeting Agendas and Minutes 2021-22

Meeting DateAgendaMinutesNotes

Faculty Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes 2021-22

Meeting DateAgendaMinutesNotes

General Faculty Meeting Agendas and Minutes 2020-21

Meeting DateAgenda IDMinutes IDNotes
9/30/20Minutes of General Faculty Meeting with Bill Donnelly
11/16/2011/16/20 Minutes of Open Hearing with Board
11/18/20AgendaMinutesUTPC Handbook Changes
Great Colleges to Work Results
1/20/21AgendaMinutesBoard Hardship Amendment
Board Amendment Process Amendment
Board Fringe Benefits Amendment
FHC Budgetary Hardship CounterProposal
FHC Fringe Benefits CounterProposal
FHC Amendment Process CounterProposal
FHC Recommendation on Budgetary Hardship
FHC Recommendation on Fringe Benefits
FHC Recommendation on Amendment Process
2/17/21AgendaMinutesOverview of RTP Proposal
UTPC Proposal Rationale
UTPC Proposal Handbook & Appendices Changes
4/21/21Draft of Minutes (unapproved)
5/7/21Draft of Minutes (unapproved)

Faculty Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes 2020-21

Meeting DateAgenda IDMinutes IDNotes
11/4/20AgendaMinutesPass-Fail Request
Virtual Learning Request
Pass-Fail Response
Virtual Learning Response
Graduate Good Standing Probation
Major Declaration
UTPC Proposal
UTPC Rationale
12/2/20AgendaMinutesFaculty Productivity Measure Cover Letter
Faculty Productivity Measure Proposal
2/3/21AgendaMinutesCAP Updates 2/3/21
4/7/21AgendaDraft of Minutes (unapproved)
4/14/21Draft of Minutes (unapproved)
5/19/21Draft of Minutes (unapproved)

General Faculty Meeting Agendas and Minutes 2020 Summer

Meeting dateAgenda IDMinutes IDNotes

Faculty Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes 2020 Summer

Meeting dateMinutes IDNotes

Faculty Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes 2019-20

Meeting dateAgenda IDMinutes IDNotes
9/4/19agendaminutesConstitution Recommendations
10/16/19agendaminutesMoved from originally planned 10/9/19 due to religious holiday.
Abbreviated due to University Town Hall.

General Faculty Meeting Agendas and Minutes 2019-20

Meeting DateAgendaMinutesNotes

Faculty Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes 2018-19

Meeting dateAgenda IDMinutes IDNotes
8/29/2018Faculty Council Meeting Agenda - August 29Faculty Council Meeting Minutes - August 29 (corrected version)CAP Report 2017-18
Gender & Diversity Committee Report
Travel Procedures Policy--proposed changes
Paperless JCU proposal
10/3/2018Faculty Council Meeting Agenda - October 3Faculty Council Meeting Minutes - October 3Proposal for MS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Previous iteration of self-eval revision (from 2017)
Comments on HR Travel Policy changes
Mission and Identity faculty rep report to Board
11/7/2018Faculty Council Meeting Agenda - November 7Faculty Council Meeting Minutes - November 7
Faculty Council Meeting Agenda - December 5Faculty Council Meeting Minutes - December 5
1/16/2019Faculty Council Meeting Agenda - January 16minutes unavailable due to technological error.UCEP Incomplete Grades Proposal (updated)
2/6/2019Regular meeting cancelled, short meeting held instead. No agenda distributed.Faculty Council Meeting Minutes - February 6
3/13/2019Faculty Council Meeting Agenda - March 13Faculty Council Meeting Minutes - March 13CAP Report March 2019
UCEP Academic Sanctions proposal
TRS Certificate Proposal
CHE article on Dickeson/ASP
4/3/2019Faculty Council Meeting Agenda - April 3Faculty Council Meeting Minutes - April 3
4/17/2019Special meeting held to approve BCOB proposal for MS in Innovation and EntrepreneurshipFaculty Council Meeting Minutes - April 17BCOB MS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship proposal
UCEP Academic Sanctions policy
5/1/2019Faculty Council Meeting Agenda - May 1Faculty Council Meeting Minutes - May 1
5/17/2019N/ANo minutes were taken.Officers for 2019-2020 were elected.

General Faculty Meeting Agendas and Minutes 2018-19

Meeting dateAgenda IDMinutes IDNotes
9/26/2018Faculty Meeting Agenda - September 26Faculty Meeting Minutes - September 26HR Travel Policy Proposed Changes
Paperless JCU
10/10/2018Presidential address to faculty by Pres. JohnsonPowerpoint slides available in Canvas: Faculty Business--Sensitive
10/17/2018Faculty Meeting Agenda - October 17Faculty Meeting Minutes - October 17
11/28/2018Faculty Meeting Agenda - November 28Faculty Meeting Minutes - November 28UCEP Midterm Grade Proposed Changes
1/23/2019Faculty Meeting Agenda - January 23Faculty Meeting Minutes - January 23UCEP Experiential Education Proposed Changes
2/20/2019Faculty Meeting Agenda - February 20Faculty Meeting Minutes - February 20UCEP Experiential Education Proposed Changes
3/20/2019Faculty Meeting Agenda - March 20Faculty Meeting Minutes - March 20RTP Updates
USPG slides from 2.28.19
Special General Faculty Meeting
Special Faculty Meeting Agenda - March 23Faculty Meeting Minutes - March 27
4/24/2019Special Faculty Meeting Agenda - April 24Faculty Meeting Minutes - April 24

Faculty Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes 2017-18

Meeting dateAgenda IDMinutes IDNotes
8/30/2017Faculty Council Meeting Agenda - August 30Faculty Council Meeting Minutes - August 30RTP Committee Report May 24 2017
10/4/2017Faculty Council Meeting Agenda - October 4Faculty Council Meeting Minutes - October 4CAP Report 2017
11/1/2017Faculty Council Meeting Agenda - November 1Faculty Council Meeting Minutes - November 1UCEP Proposal Summary
Faculty Council Meeting Agenda - November 15Faculty Council Meeting Minutes - November 15UCEP Proposal Summary
RTP Committee Report 11/17

11/29/2017Faculty Council Meeting Agenda - November 29Faculty Council Meeting Minutes - November 29
1/17/2018Faculty Council Meeting Agenda - January 17Faculty Council Meeting Minutes - January 17
2/7/2018Faculty Council Meeting Agenda - February 7Faculty Council Meeting Minutes - February 7
3/14/2018Faculty Council Meeting Agenda - March 14Faculty Council Meeting Minutes - March 14Core Revision Proposal
Faculty Guide to the Core
Assessment Plan Revisions
4/4/2018Faculty Council Meeting Agenda - April 4Faculty Council Meeting Minutes - April 4Petition to Reinterpret Appendix K
CAP Cohort Advising Report
5/2/2018Faculty Council Meeting Agenda - May 2Faculty Council Meeting Minutes - May 2

Faculty Meeting Agendas and Minutes 2017-18

Meeting dateAgenda IDMinutes IDNotes
9/20/2017Faculty Meeting Agenda - September 20Faculty Meeting Minutes - September 20
10/18/2017Faculty Meeting Agenda - October 18Faculty Meeting Minutes - October 18
11/15/2017meeting cancelled; Faculty Council meeting held instead
1/24/2018Faculty Meeting Agenda - January 24Faculty Meeting Minutes - January 24Diverse Curriculum Pledge
2/21/2018Faculty Meeting Agenda - February 21Faculty Meeting Minutes - February 21Description of Upcoming Handbook Amendments
3/21/2018Faculty Meeting Agenda - March 21Faculty Meeting Minutes - March 21Faculty Handbook Amendments
Financial Presentation Slides
Provost Report slides
4/18/2018Faculty Meeting Agenda - April 18Faculty Meeting Minutes - April 18Core Proposal to Disband Subcommittees
UCEP Grading System Proposal
Handbook Proposal Preface

Faculty Council Agendas and Minutes for 2016-2017

FC Meeting DateAgenda IDMinutes IDNotes
Wednesday, Aug. 31Faculty Council Meeting Agenda - August 30 Faculty Council Meeting Minutes - August 31
Wednesday, Oct. 5Faculty Council Meeting Agenda - October 5 Faculty Council Meeting Minutes - October 5
Wednesday, Nov. 2Faculty Council Meeting Agenda - November 2Faculty Council Meeting Minutes - November 2CAP Report
Compensation Committee Report
G&D Committee Report
Provost Council Report
Wednesday, Nov. 30Faculty Council Meeting Agenda - November 30Faculty Council Meeting Minutes - November 30Committee Agendas for upcoming December Board Meeting
Proposed Changes to Mgt & HR major
Wednesday, Jan. 18Faculty Council Meeting Agenda - January 18 Faculty Council Meeting Minutes - January 18Data Science Proposal
CAP Report on Data Science Proposal
CAP Report on Actuarial Science Proposal
CAP Report on (Math) Content Area Program Proposal
TRS Proposal from Core Curriculum Committee

Report on Board of Director's Investment Committee Meeting
Outline of Provost's talk with FC
Wednesday, Feb. 8Faculty Council Agenda - February 8Faculty Council Meeting - Minutes - February 8
Wednesday, Mar. 15Faculty Council Agenda - March 15Faculty Council Meeting - Minutes - March 15Power Point of Integrative Core Faculty Meeting
Spreadsheet of Distributive Courses for Core Proposal
Proposal for Revisions to Integrated Courses
Proposal for Revisions to Core Committee Administration
Proposal for TRS courses in Core Curriculum
Transfer Policy Proposal
CAP Report on TRS Proposal
Wednesday, Apr. 19Faculty Council Meeting - April 19 - AgendaFaculty Council Meeting - April 19 - Minutes
Monday, May 15N/ANo minutes taken.FC Officers and FC Committee Chairs for AY 2017-18 were selected.

General Faculty Meeting Agendas and Minutes for 2016-2017

General Faculty Meeting DateAgenda IDMinutes IDNotes
Wednesday, Sept. 21Faculty Meeting - 9/21 - AgendaGeneral Faculty Meeting Minutes - 9/21
Wednesday, Oct. 19Faculty Meeting - 10/19 - Agenda Faculty Meeting - 10/19 - Minutes
Wednesday, Nov. 16Faculty Meeting Agenda - 11/16General Faculty Meeting - 11/16 - MinutesProposed Amendment to FHB on Salary Payments
Wednesday, Jan. 25General Faculty Meeting - 1/25 - AgendaGeneral Faculty Meeting Notes - January 25Student Union Tobacco-free Campus Bill

Pay Frequency Amendment Proposal
Wednesday, Feb. 22General Faculty Meeting - Feb. 22 - AgendaGeneral Faculty Meeting - February 22 - Minutes
Wednesday, Mar. 29General Faculty Meeting - 3/29 - AgendaGeneral Faculty Meeting - Minutes - March 29Proposal for Revision of Faculty Handbook
Proposed Transfer Policy
Proposal for Change to JH-TRS Core Curr Component
CAP Report of TRS Core Curr Proposal
Wednesday, Apr. 26General Faculty Meeting - 4/26 - Agenda General Faculty Meeting - April 26 - MinutesFaculty Handbook Amendment Proposal to revise voting protocol et al.

Proposal to Revise I-Core Distributive Requirements

CAP Report on Proposal to Revise I-Core Distributive Requirements

Proposal to Revise Administrative Structure of Core Committee

Proposal for Transfer Policy viz. Core Curriculum

Faculty Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes for 2015-16

FC Meeting DateAgenda IDMinutes IDNotes
Wednesday, Sept. 9Faculty Council Meeting Agenda Sept 9 2015FC Meeting Minutes 9 9 2015Approved
Wednesday, Sept. 30See minutesFC Meeting Minutes 9 30 2015Approved
Wednesday, Oct. 7Faculty Council Meeting Agenda Oct 7 2015FC Meeting Minutes 10 07 15Approved
Wednesday, Nov. 4Faculty Council Meeting Agenda Nov 4 2015FC Meeting Minutes 11 04 15Approved
Wednesday, Dec. 9Faculty Council Meeting Agenda Dec 9 2015FC Meeting Minutes 12 09 15Approved
Wednesday, Jan. 20Faculty Council Meeting Agenda Jan 20 2016FC Meeting Minutes 01 20 16Approved
Wednesday, Feb. 10Faculty Council Meeting Agenda Feb 10 2016FC Meeting Minutes 02 10 16Approved
Wednesday, Mar. 16Faculty Council Meeting Agenda Mar 16 2016FC Meeting Minutes Mar 16 2016Approved
Wednesday, Apr. 13Faculty Council Meeting Agenda Apr 13 2016FC Meeting Minutes Apr 13 2016 Approved
Monday, May 16 at 4 pmFC Meeting Minutes May 16, 2016Approved

General Faculty Meeting Agendas and Minutes for 2015-16

FC Meeting DateAgenda IDMinutes IDNotes
Wednesday, Sept. 30 (Jardine room)General Faculty Meeting Agenda Sept 30 2015General Faculty Meeting Minutes 09 30 2015Approved
Wednesday, Oct. 21 (Jardine room)General Faculty Meeting Agenda Oct 21 2015General Faculty Meeting Minutes Oct 21 2015Approved
Wednesday, Nov. 18General Faculty Meeting Agenda Nov 18 2015General Faculty Meeting Minutes Nov 18 2015Approved
Wednesday, Jan. 27General Faculty Meeting Agenda Jan 27 2016General Faculty Meeting Minutes Jan 27 2016Approved
Wednesday, Feb. 24General Faculty Meeting Agenda Feb 24 2016General Faculty Meeting Minutes Feb 24 2016Approved
Wednesday, Mar. 30(meeting canceled)
Wednesday, Apr. 27General Faculty Meeting Agenda Apr 27 2016General Faculty Meeting Minutes Apr 27 2016Approved

Faculty Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes for 2014-15

FC Meeting DateAgenda IDMinutes IDNotes
Wednesday, Sept. 10FC Meeting Agenda Sept 10 2014FC Meeting Minutes Sept 10 2014
Wednesday, Oct. 8FC Meeting Agenda Oct 8 2014FC Meeting Minutes Oct 8 2014Approved
Wednesday, Nov. 5FC Meeting Agenda Nov 5 2014FC Meeting Minutes Nov 5 2014Approved
Wednesday, Dec. 10FC Meeting Agenda Dec 10 20142 files: FC Meeting Minutes Dec 10 2014 and FC Meeting Appendices Dec 10 2014Approved
Wednesday, Jan. 14FC Meeting Agenda Jan 14 20153 files: Minutes, Two supporting documents: Chronicle Survey I and Chronicle Survey IIApproved
Wednesday, Feb. 11FC Meeting Agenda Feb 11 2015FC Meeting Minutes Feb 11 2015Approved
Wednesday, Mar. 11FC Meeting Agenda 03 11 2015FC Meeting Minutes Mar 11 2015Approved
Wednesday, Apr. 8FC Meeting Agenda 04 08 2015FC Meeting Minutes Apr 8 2015Approved
Monday, May 11FC Meeting Agenda 05 11 2015FC Meeting Minutes May 11 2015Approved