The time is right for researchers, academicians, government employees and contractors to get together to share and exchange information on Human/Swarm interactions. Authors are invited to submit their original and unpublished work related to blended intelligence, including research, theory, development, and applications. John Carroll University is sponsoring the SHBI2015 workshop with IEEE Cleveland Section providing a Technical Co-Sponsorhip allowing the workshop to appear on the IEEE Conference Search/Call for Papers listing. Also, IEEE is the copyright holder and papers accepted will be published through IEEE Xplore. This workshop has the In-Cooperation status for ACM as well.


  • Human controlled/directed swarms
  • Human supported fitness functions
  • Swarms of humans
  • Heterogeneous swarms
  • Swarms observed/guided by humans
  • Hybrid systems
  • Gesture/voice controlled robot collectives
  • Applications of blended intelligence
  • Multiple platform algorithms
  • Other related topics are enthusiastically welcomed

Manuscript Style Information

LaTeX and Word Templates

To help ensure correct formatting, please use the style files for U.S. Letter Size found at the link below as templates for your submission. These include LaTeX and Word templates. Violations of any of the above paper specifications may result in rejection of your paper. Please note that the Latex template does not allow for keywords. If you are using the Latex template, do not include keywords in your paper.

  • Only papers prepared in PDF format will be accepted.
  • Paper Length: 4 to 8 pages, including figures, tables & references.
  • Paper Formatting and Margins: Please carefully follow the IEEE template for specifications (see the aforementioned link).
  • Authors should NOT add page numbers. We will insert the page numbers for you.
  • Authors must add the copyright notice on the bottom of the first page before creating PDFs. Use the appropriate copyright from the list below:
    • For papers in which all authors are employed by the US government, the copyright notice is: U.S. Government work not protected by U.S.copyright
    • For papers in which all authors are employed by a Crown government (UK, Canada, and Australia), the copyright  notice is: 978·1-4673-6522·21151$31.00 ®2015 Crown
    • For papers in which all authors are employed by the European Union, the copyright  notice is: 978-1-4673-6522-2/151$31.00®2015 European Union
    • For all other papers the copyright  notice is: 978-1-4673-6522-2/151$31.00 ©20151EEE

Ensuring IEEE Xplore Compliance

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Go to the IEEE PDF eXpress website at

Use the Conference ID: 36695X; See the table below about creating a password.

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a. Click:
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a. Enter 36695X for the Conference ID, your email address, and enter the password you used for your old account. a. Enter 36695X for the Conference ID, email address and password.
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c. You will receive online and email confirmation of successful account setup. c. Check that the contact information is still valid, and click “Submit”.
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Steps for Uploading and Checking PDF Files:

  1. Access the IEEE PDF eXpress site.
  2. For each conference paper, click “Create New Title”.
  3. Enter identifying text for the paper (title is recommended but not required).
  4. Click “Submit PDF for Checking” or “Submit Source Files for Conversion”.
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  7. Refer to the below table about results and options for your PDF file checking and conversion.

IEEE PDF eXpressTM Site Setup Confirmation

(choose one)
If the PDF submitted fails the PDF check: If you are not satisfied with the IEEE PDF eXpress-converted PDF: If the PDF submitted passed the PDF Check, or you are satisfied with your IEEE PDF eXpress-converted PDF
Option 1 Submit your source file for conversion by clicking
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Resubmit your source file with corrections
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Option 2 Read the PDF Check report, then click “The PDF Check Report” in the sidebar to get information on possible solutions Submit a PDF by clicking
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Submit your IEEE Xplore compatible PDF [per the conference’s instructions].
Option 3 “Request Technical Help” through your account “Request a Manual Conversion” through your account

Submit Paper

To submit paper email the Checked PDF to

Marc Kirschenbaum at and CC to Please put “SHBI2015 submission” in the subject line of your email message. You will get a response indicating your paper was received.

Copyright Form

To be completed with camera ready version of accepted papers.

Workshop General Chair
Marc Kirschenbaum
John Carroll University, Cleveland, Ohio

Technical Co-Chairs
Russ Eberhart
Phoenix Data Corporation, Indianapolis, Indiana                                                       

Dan Palmer
John Carroll University, Cleveland, Ohio

Important Dates

Full paper submission:  July 11, 2015  July 19, 2015
Notification of Acceptance:  July 31, 2015
Camera-ready Manuscript:  August 22, 2015  September 5, 2015

Correspondence should be sent to

Dr. Marc Kirschenbaum    SHBI2015
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
John Carroll University
1 John Carroll Blvd., University Heights, OH 44118
Phone: 216-397-4684 or 216-397-4351
Fax: 216-397-3033